Cost & Progress Reporting

Cost & Progress Reporting:

Reports Need to Use the Latest Information:

Accurate monitoring of a contract with regards cost & value is essential but requires the latest information to be in place and readily available.

We are able to create standardised forms that are linked via databases in order to provide the latest information at the push of a button and they are specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Reports can be Confusing and Need to be Simplified:

Reports need to be presented in such a manner that they are easily and quickly understood since higher management cannot afford to spend too much time trying to understand reams of detail, tables and the like.

Imagine a method of reporting that goes a long way to simplify the data and present it in such a manner that can be easily and quickly understood. A method that links the planned and actual costs, programmes, resources and can incorporate 3D views of the works which show the actual progress of the works in comparison to the planned progress.

Reporting the Progress (& delays) visually requires less interpretation:

Tables are good but a picture paints a thousand words... Imagine if you will a report that delivers a combination of graphics, words (where necessary) and tables that simplify the progress compared to the plan in a quick (to create and read) and easy to understand.
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